Hi. I'm Adam.

I'm a graduate student in the philosophy department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an adjunct instructor at Heartland Community College.

I work on projects in philosophy of science and metaphysics that involve causal graphical models. These projects include defending a view of scientific explanation where causal models play a significant role, developing an empiricist-minded modal epistemology, and giving a causal modeling analysis of dynamic systems.

I also have research interests in the potential of data mining and machine learning to contribute to philosophical inquiry and in experimental philosophy.

Before grad school I worked with Dr. Sriraam Natarajan and the Statistical Relational AI Team (STRAIT) at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on data mining and machine learning solutions to medical problems. While I was there we developed a pipeline algorithm that delivered high quality predictions of the onset of Alzheimer's disease using patient fMRI scans. Before that I did my undergraduate work at Wake Forest University in physics and philosophy.

Other than teaching and doing philosophy, I enjoy hiking, designing and playing complicated board games, drinking coffee, and hanging out with my dog Rose.

If you'd like to talk feel free to reach out using one of the little icons below. You can also find me on academia.edu and on Vitae.